AIW Printing

We operate a 24×7 printing business locaqted in Springvale. We engaged Mark Cox at the time of construction of a temperature critical environment for a complete solution in a room to house new equipment – during the planning of the setup Mark and his team were instrumental in the advice and system design they designed for us – to date we have been able to maintain the room at +/- 1degree from the agreed stable temperature. After the completion of this room Mark and his team also assisted with the design / install of our data centre which houses our entire computer network – and now also services regularly all of our cooling / heating equipment in the plant.
Personally I have recommended Mark and his team to my colleagues and they have also used the services in a personal environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Co-ordinated Services for any heating / cooling requirements.

Regards, Ryan Sharpley – General Manager Prepress/IT – AIW Printing Pty Ltd